About Us

Humphrey is located in northern Platte County in northeast Nebraska at the junction of U.S. Highway 81 and Nebraska Highway 91. We are 22 miles south of Norfolk and 23 miles north of Columbus.

Although Humphrey was not incorporated until 1883, the area where Humphrey is now located was always very popular with settlers. As early as 1868, settlers - most of whom were Catholic immigrants from Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland, Ireland, and Switzerland - located in the north-central part of Platte County they called "Tracy Valley." The name for Humphrey came from the first postmaster who named the office after her hometown of Humphrey, NY.


City Office

Humphrey, NE 68642
403 Main St.
Humphrey, Nebraska 68642

Phone: (402) 923-0224
Fax: (402) 923-0224
E-Mail: clerk@cityofhumphrey.com

Maintenance Department

Mel Harper
Phone: (402) 920-1173
E-Mail: mel@cityofhumphrey.com

Community Center

Robin Wegener
Phone: (402) 920-1036

Police Department

Police Chief: Tony Miller
Phone: (402) 910-7350
E-Mail: police@cityofhumphrey.com


Lonnie Weidner
Phone: (402) 923-1414
E-Mail: mayor@cityofhumphrey.com

Council President

Bob Preister
Phone: (402) 923-0298