Designer Wallpapers for Individual Style

There are almost no limits to the design possibilities when using designer wallpapers. Simple elegance is still in the first place for many people. But also variants in bright colors and with extravagant patterns are available. Here, it is above all personal taste that decides how expressive the wallpaper should be. A striking pattern in the study may be perceived as inspiring while you are working on your own ideas.

Luxury for the walls

When it comes to interior design, designer wallpaper is a luxurious element that comes with unique, extravagant prints. Those in the know will quickly recognize the signature of the designer who has immortalized himself with his work in the form of wallpaper. Also, the materials used here are usually of higher quality than those of standard goods. Instead of simple paper, they are usually noble non-woven wallpapers, which are slightly thicker and thus radiate more warmth. They correspond to the standard only in terms of their dimensions. Because even designer wallpapers always come as standardized rolls with a length of 10.05 meters, with a width of 53 cm.

Room for the interior

When choosing new designer wallpaper, should always take into account how you want to furnish the room in question later. The furniture must have enough space visually, and most importantly, the look of the wall covering should not clash with the design of the interior. Moreover, an eye-catching pattern may distract too much from the chosen interior. In any case, the room will get a completely new effect, which you can use for yourself by cleverly combining wall design, furniture and setting accents with light sources.

Clean lines for a modern look

In modern interior design, straightforward designs without a lot of frills and rather cool colors are very much in demand. This is true for contemporary living as well as for commercial spaces, trendy bars and classy restaurants. One advantage of minimalist style is that hardly anything distracts the mind from the essentials. What is the essential depends on the type of use of the premises. In offices, for example, you should focus on work or find inspiration, while in upscale gastronomic areas you undoubtedly want to pay attention to the food and drinks, as well as your counterpart. In addition, individual decorative objects or elements are best accentuated in a more discreet environment. Designer wallpapers in gray tones and a simple, straightforward pattern are therefore usually ideal for these purposes.

Designer wallpapers for contemporary coziness

Especially in the living area, it may usually be a little cozier than, for example, in business premises. Feeling good is very important here. The furniture is therefore often kept in warm colors and characterized by natural materials. Noble wood with visible grain underlines this flair. In addition, the selected designer wallpaper should also fit well. A vintage look can be a useful addition in this case. But those who dare, can also dare the contrast and combine the interior with fresh, modern designer wallpaper.

Which designer wallpapers are suitable for which room?

In most households, a uniform style of wall covering is used for all rooms. However, if the rooms are clearly separated from each other, this is absolutely not a must. Here you can definitely use completely different designer wallpaper and thus give each room its own unique look. In many cases, this is even the much better approach. Because in the bedroom, for example, you usually want to achieve a completely different effect than in the living room or dining room. You can choose a wall covering to emphasize the country house style, for example, or create a royal touch with glamorous patterns. In otherwise rather sparsely furnished areas, psychedelic patterns of colorful designer wallpapers are particularly catchy for this and dispel boredom.

The wall as a work of art

Lovers and collectors of sculptures and paintings will provide the walls of their premises with a rather restrained wallpaper. This ensures that each individual work of art can unfold its effect undisturbed. In the case, pay attention to a timeless style as possible when choosing your designer wallpaper. In certain cases, the wall design can even give the respective object additional validity, if you find the right style. However, it should not be forgotten that the wallpapers of successful designers are themselves already a work of art in themselves. Therefore, their own expression should also always be given enough space, so that the idea behind it conceptually fits well into the whole of your interior design.

Set accents

To design the entire wall surfaces of a possibly larger room with it, can therefore be too much of a good thing. Here it is recommended to set with such extravagant designer wallpapers only individual accents, instead of overwhelming the eye of the beholder with a striking design. One possibility for the skillful accentuation is the placement of a single wall. Also niches or protrusions as architecturally already given offsets in the room, can be ideal for this. In such an area to rely on designer wallpaper allows to give this part a special position. With an equally unique piece of furniture, this effect can be further strengthened. Also, in this way, the room is visually divided into different areas.

The right wall color

Another popular method is to decorate only the lower half or the lower two-thirds of the wall with designer wallpaper. This also has its own effect and reduces the risk of getting tired of his designer wallpaper too quickly. The decisive factor here is that the bare wall above is painted in a shade that matches the wallpaper. Moreover, this should be done before wallpapering. This will reduce the risk of paint splotches ruining your expensive designer wallpaper. The choice of color, in turn, depends on what look and overall effect you are hoping to achieve in the room in question. Therefore, it does not have to be the same shade as the designer wallpaper. On the contrary, it often makes sense to contrast with it.

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